Jet Airways Introduces ‘Best Price Promise’  


Jet Airways has recently started offering ‘best price promise’ for all tickets booked on and Jet’s mobile app. With this initiative, Jet Airways promises to return the difference (fare on Jet Airways minus the lower fare) if you are able to find a better fare for the same itinerary on any other website.

So what’s the catch? The minimum difference should be Rs 250 for domestic one way flights and Rs 500 for domestic return flights. For international trips, the numbers are exactly double, Rs 500 for one way flights and Rs 1000 for return flights. But the real kicker is that the best price promise is only valid for domestic flights within India or on International flights originating from India!

I did a sample comparison for flights between Mumbai – Delhi for second weekend in March (11 to 13 March). I did not find a lower price but I believe it is going to be hard to find a price which will fulfill the ‘minimum difference’ criteria. Honestly I think it is going be very rare that there will ever be a claim which will fulfill all of the required conditions (obviously duh!)

Sample fare from Third Party
Sample fare from Third Party Operator Tripsta
Rates on Jet's Website
Rates on Jet’s Website with the lowest possible rates

 Other parameters which need to be exactly same on both Jet Airways’ site/mobile app and third party operators are:

  • Flight Itinerary
  • Cabin Class
  • Dates of Travel
  • Booking and Cancellation Policies
  • Fare Type
  • Number of Guests

A claim for refund can be filed using the online claim form found here. Good luck!


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