Did Jet Airways put passengers’ safety at risk?


According to this report titled “Jet pilot put passesngers in danger in Mumbai” in Times of India, India’s aviation regulatory body Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has initiated an enquiry into why the captain didn’t intiate an emergency evacuation upon hard landing of flight 9W 354 from Delhi to Mumbai. Per several aviation experts, emergency evacuation is the standard operating procedure during such an emergency.

Allegedly a part of the wheel assembly had pierced through the wing but missed the fuel tank thus making the passengers very lucky as otherwise it could have lead to a serious incident. Twitter user @riaangeorge tweeted a few pictures of the aircraft.

Per statement of one of the passngers in the report even they were wondering why emergency evacuation had not been initiated.

The engines and the air-conditioning were switched off. After about 10 minutes, fire tenders approached the aircraft and started spraying what looked like water and foam. We were not sure why they were doing it even as we sat inside. We waited for 40 minutes for everything to be cleared after which they had us disembark using a stepladder.

Unforunately aviation safety in India is yet to reach the levels in the western world. This is evident from almost regular occurence of such incidents involving India based airlines. Fortunately this accident didn’t escalate to a serious incident.


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