SkyTeam courting Jet Airways?

Jet Airways and SkyTeam
Jet Airways may join SkyTeam

With the new partnership between KLM, Delta and Jet Airways, the obivous next step would be Jet Airways joining SkyTeam as a full member. Jet Airways already partners with more than 5 airlines who are a part of SkyTeam.

And now it seems like SkyTeam’s CEO would like that too. And it’s quite logical too,China and India are going to be the biggest aviation market in the world and with multiple Chinese airlines already a member, SkyTeam would also like to have a foothold in the Indian aviation market. There are only 3 full service airlines in India – Air India, Jet Airways and Vistara. Air India already a member of Star Alliance and Vistara is quite new with a limited network, Jet Airways is the most suitable choice for SkyTeam.

With that being said, the bigger question than will Jet Airways join is will Etihad let Jet Airways join the alliance since their CEO specifically seem against alliances.


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