Man arrested for forcefully taking a selfie with the air hostess

A man flying from Damam, Saudi Arabia to Mumbai, India was arrested at Mumbai airport for multiple violations. According to Times of India’s report, the man first followed the air hostess around the plane, then grabbed her forcefully to take a selfie. And when the air hostess screamed for help, he locked himself in the toilet and smoked a cigarette!

From the news report:

The air hostess’s nightmare started when she felt someone following her. She turned around to see Abubakar standing behind her. When he asked for a selfie, she turned him away. When she took her seat, he continued to stand behind her. When she got up, “he crossed the limit by grabbing me by the shoulder and forcefully taking a selfie”, the complaint reads.

There cannot be any checks to know if a person is potential molester, honestly I think the bigger concern here is how was he able to sneak in a cigarette lighter despite all the security checks. He was handed over to the police after passport control and will stay in judicial custody until he presents himself in the court.


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