UAE to Grant Visa on Arrival to Select Indian Passport Holders

UAE’s government news agency WAM is reporting that UAE government is going to grant visa on arrival to Indian passport holders who have a valid US visa or a green card with at least a 6 month validity. As of now there are no details available on whether this would be only for permanent resident visa holders or even for tourist, student visa holders. I reckon since they have not specifically mentioned the visa type, the visa on arrival can be obtained by anyone with any type of valid visa.

The visa will allow the visitors to stay in UAE for 14 days with an option for one time extension for the same duration for an additional fee. Thus a visitor will be able to stay in the UAE for a total of 28 days. This is fantastic news for Indian nationals having a valid US visa. With Emirates being the de-facto national carrier for India (based on the traffic statistics), this will only increase the number of tourists visiting the UAE via a stop over on their way to or from India. Apart from Green Card holders and permanent resident visa holders, there are tonnes of people with valid student and tourist visa holders.

It’s a great start and I hope the UAE government will extend this facility to visa holders of Canada, UK and Schengen countries. It will only increase the number of Indian nationals visiting the UAE.

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