How to Use Uber Without Giving the App Location Access in the Background

While Uber’s new redesigned app is pretty nice (and a bit confusing in the beginning), I believe one of the most annoying issue with the app is that it demands continuous access to your location, even when you’re not using the app. Uber says this is to improve rider tracking and provide most precise location to drivers to pick up. Uber also says it’s because some customer have integrated their Uber apps with maps which needs background location access, however, I don’t think that’s correct, the app on my phone was not integrated with any of the maps and it still needed background location access to work correctly.

Although there is a way to bypass it by always deactivating location access to Uber app as soon as you complete your ride, however if you’re like me and doing multiple things at the same time (in other words forgetful ;)) this method may not always work.

There is a way although to use Uber without always providing it with your location access. A while back Google Maps had a discount offer on Uber and while using that offer, I noted Uber can be used seamlessly from Google Maps app once your accounts are linked. So if you use Google Maps to book your Uber rides you do not need to provide location access to Uber app and there’s no forgetting to turn off background location access to the app. I have been using this way of booking my Uber rides and so far there have been no issues. I believe I have taken approximately 10 Uber rides after booking my ride with this method and haven’t had any issues with pick up, if anything my pick ups were better as most of the times the drivers didn’t have to call and ask for the location.

I am making this my preferred way of using Uber, is this something of interest to you?

Note: Please do note that while Uber will not have location access in the background, this only works because you have given Google maps full location access.

Uber Ride Bookings Through Google Maps
Booking an Uber Ride Through Google Maps

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