Review: Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport – Dated but Functional

Our first hotel in Australia was Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport where we stayed overnight on our way to Cairns. We landed around 8.00PM and walked to the hotel from the airport. It took us around 7 minutes to walk to the hotel, thanks to the concrete walking path. 

Check-in was quick, took just a couple of minutes longer to locate our reservation, maybe because it was through (to save my accumulated nights till now from expiring). We were allotted a room on the third floor right next to the fire escape which was far off from the elevators. A good thing because at a lot of hotels, I’ve found the elevator noise to be quite disturbing.

Room Lobby
Room Lobby

The room was a bit dated although functional. The room had a queen sized bed however seemed larger than a normal queen sized bed (looking at you Euroean hotels). Two of us were very comfortable and slept pretty well. They had kept ‘labelled’ firm and soft pillows for us to pick and choose. 

Holiday Inn Queen Size Bed
Holiday Inn Queen Size Bed with Labeled Pillows

The TV was quite old, it had been quite some time since the last time I had seen a TV with a large bezel! Right next to the TV was a desk and chair for all who like/have to work.

TV & Desk
TV & Desk

The bathroom even though seemed dated had no issues, in fact it worked pretty well. It came equipped with all the standard Holiday Inn amenities.

Bathroom with Amenities
Bathroom with Amenities

The room also had an electric kettle and a microwave. Although it seemed the electric kettle didn’t automatically switch off once the water boiled. I didn’t want to take a risk with the smoke alarm so never quite tried waiting for it to switch off on its own. 

The mini-bar was empty, not sure whether that’s a standard practice or was an exception. However we generally don’t use anything from the minibar so it was not an issue.

Overall it’s a decent hotel to spend a night before catching your next flight, not so sure about spending more than a few nights. 


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